Our Clients

The following is a partial list of clients for whom Voter Solutions has provided consulting services in the areas of; voter communication technologies, Re-districting services, field management systems, software development, Internet media buying and banner ad design, list  procurement, and B2B solutions.

Melissa Bean for Congress IL-8

Elaine Bloom for Congress FL-22

Lauren Beth Gash for Congress IL-10

Joe Torsella for Congress PA-13

Lane Evans for Congress IL-17

Maryanne Connelly for Congress NJ-7

Bobby Rush for Congress IL-1

Charles Dooley for Congress MO-1

Democratic Coordinated Campaign PA

Mike Kelleher for Congress IL-15

Ichord for Senate MO-33

Pat Casey for Congress PA-10

17th District Coordinated Campaign IL

Lynch for Senate NH

10th District Victory Fund IL

Strategic Consulting Group Chicago, IL

15th District Coordinated Campaign IL

The Donner Group Miami, FL

Kaplan Campaign 9th SBD, FL

Coalition for Consumer Rights IL

Budd For St. Representative FL-23rd

Palm Beach Democratic Party/Coordinated Campaign FL

Lamagna for Congress NY-3

Nevada Democratic Coordinated Campaign NV

9th District Coordinated Campaign IL

Berstein for US Senate NV

Jan Schakowsky for Congress IL-9

South Carolina Democratic Party

US Action- WA, MO

North Carolina Democratic Party

Institute for Social and Policy Studies-Yale

Citizens for Mathew Kotzen- FL

Citizens for the future of Highlands Schools

Duke Sorey for Mayor - North Miami, FL

Mayor Dorothy Kelley Gay - Somerville, MA

Citizens Utility Board, IL

Congressman Danny Davis IL-7, Redistricting/Reapportionment

Steve Sweeney for Senate, NJ-3

Senator Martin Looney - New Haven, CT

Congressman Bobby Rush IL-1, Redistricting/Reapportionment

Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. IL-2, Redistricting/Reapportionment

GMS Consulting - Hartford, CT

Marty Castro for Congress, IL-4

District 2 Citizens Referendum - Bensenville, IL

Nancy Kaszak for Congress, IL-5

Blagojevich for Governor, IL

Sierra Club, IL

Lake, Snell, Perry, and Assoc. D.C.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), IL

Emily's List

Citizens for Elaine Nekritz, IL-57

Berkley for Congress NV-1

Mission Control

Herrera for Congress NV-3

Nevada State Democratic Caucus

Citizens for Boron IL-HD-5

Compass Media

Nevada State Education Association

Citizens for Allen - Will County IL

Suffredin for Cook County Commissioner

Anne Sumers for Congress NJ-5

Norman Bolden for Alderman - Ward 4, Chicago

Rick Ingram for Alderman - Ward 44, Chicago

Hank Perritt for Congress IL-10

Mobilize, Inc Wash. D.C.

Citizens for Rob Martwick IL

MFP Solutions 

Vernon Gray for Senate MD-13

Illinois Federation of Teachers IFT-AFT

Tim Carden for Congress NJ-7

Maine Township Democratic Party IL

Maloney for Congress CT-5

Cummings for Congress MD-7

Alderman Tom Allen - Ward 38, Chicago

Oklahoma Gas & Energy Corp. (OGE)

Somerset County Office On Aging, NJ

N Space Labs, NY

Lafuente for Mayor - Somerville, MA

Caruso for Mayor - Bridgeport, CT

John Ehrlich, 8th Judicial Sub-circuit, IL

Middlesex County Democratic Party, NJ

New Voters Project/ State PIRGs, NJ

Alliance for Retired Americans

Gary King for Congress NM-2

Integrated Web Strategies

Lakeview Chamber of Commerce - Chicago, IL

John Flynn for Sheriff - Worcester, MA

UAW Wisconsin

Center For Education Reform - Wash, DC

The Campaign Network

Cafaro for Congress OH 14

Anne Manning for St Rep - District 12 Essex

Armenians for Kerry

Cegelis for Congress IL 6

Blair Mathies for Congress NY 3

Burnside and Associates

Realtors Association of Palm Beach

Coalition For A Better Colorado

Move On Pac

John Kerry For President

Grassroots Campaign, Inc.

Malchow Schlackman Hoppey & Cooper

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Angus McQuilken for State Senate, MA

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights - ICIRR

Chris Jennings for Congress FL-13






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