About the Demo:

The demo contains a sample database of 29 records.  You may enter information for any record in the demo.  The demo will not synchronize with your desktop software because it does not include the conduit for Campaign Tracker.  Tracker Lite™ was designed to work in conjunction with Campaign Tracker and will not allow you to upload or synchronize any other data from an outside database application.  While the Tracker Lite demo can be beamed to other Palm OS devices, the full version does not allow for beaming for security reasons. 

Requires Palm OS 3.1 or higher.  To check your OS version use your menu option on your Palm, select the Options menu, and then select About Apps to display the OS version.  If you are running OS 3.0 you can download an upgrade to 3.5 from Palms website. 

Demo Usage Instructions:

Tracker Lite was designed to be used as a digital collection tool for canvassing voters or members of an organization.  It can be used for both door to door and phone bank canvassing.  The screen instructions below will help you navigate and understand how Tracker Lite works.

Select Street To Canvass Screen:

This screen displays a list of distinct street names to choose from for canvassing.  This list is obtained from the data upon synchronization.  The larger the file you export to Tracker Lite, the more streets you have to choose from.  The Total column displays the number of people on that particular street.  The Contacts column displays the total number of contacts made for a particular street.  Select the Street Name in the middle column to display the people on that street. 

Voter List Screen:

Once you have selected a street to survey, a list of addresses and names will appear in walk list order.  Simply select an address to display that person's name, telephone number, sex, age, and party affiliation.  When information is entered for someone a check will appear next to their address to inform you that a contact was made.  Information that can be entered on this screen:

  • ID This is a drop down box containing the items; Yes, No, Undecided, Not Contacted, Moved, and Disconnected.  This is where you enter a canvass ID for a candidate or issue.
  • Ride Check this box if the person indicates that they would like a Ride to the Poll
  • Vol Check this box if the person indicates that they would like to Volunteer
  • Info Check this box if the person indicates that they would like to receive More Information
  • Sign Check this box to indicate the placement of a Sign
  • Abs Check this box to track Absentee voters

Cust Button:   Click this button to enter information for custom tracking fields. See below for more information on Custom Tracking features.

Custom Fields Screen: 

If you desire you can create your own fields and items for use with Tracker Lite.  Fields and items are not editable from Tracker Lite, they must first be designed in Campaign Tracker before synchronizing with Tracker Lite.  

Question Drop Down List:  This list will contain any and all custom tracking fields you have designed in Campaign Tracker.  When you select a question, the item list you created for that question will be displayed.  Once you have made a selection you can select another custom tracking question and continue entering information.  Press done when finished to return to Voter List screen.

Attention Solution Providers:

If you intend to use this demo for marketing purposes we have placed a “Reset” option in the menu of the main screen so you can reset and clear any information you entered while demonstrating the product.

Bug Reporting, Compatibility Issues, and Feedback:

If you come across any bugs in the demo, compatibility issues, or suggestions please email us at:

We greatly appreciate your suggestions and feedback!



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