Campaign Tracker - Overview of the System


Our main goal behind implementing this management system is to provide your campaign organization with a standardized system that is easy to learn and use.  A system that seeks to improve voter communication and targeted voter turnout by incorporating better information, people, and time management.

Specific Goals

Software Features

The Campaign Tracker System was specifically designed for sophisticated campaigns that value an investment in data resource management for conducting their voter contact and voter turnout program.  The following are just a few of the strengths:

Accountability, Analysis, and Reports

Based on the philosophy of "That which is not measured, is not done," the Campaign Tracker System is designed to track and measure all voter contact, and organizing activities involved with a campaignís field organization.  This way information is available when needed for making educated resource decisions.

Managing People Resources

Building a good organization involves more than creative concepts and leadership.  It involves basic nuts and bolts organizing.  Building an organization to identify voters and getting them to the polls on Election Day is a difficult task in itself, especially when time is a factor.  The Campaign Tracker answers strategic people management questions and displays detailed information regarding the recruitment, assignment, and coordination of volunteers.

Planning and Executing Voter Turnout

Finally, the Campaign Tracker System streamlines the organizational process involved with planning and executing an effective voter turnout program.   Everything a campaign does all comes down to one day, Election Day.  A lot of planning, organizing, and training must take place to ensure that the people you want to vote, get out and vote.


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