Introductory Pricing 

Garner more individual donors...

Donor Port™ makes it possible to collect donations from individual donors at large events and rallies by swiping their credit card. In today’s fundraising environment it is crucial to show your financial viability by having a large number of individual (small donors) as well as the large ones. Because swiping a credit card is much faster than manually entering the data or writing it on paper, you can collect many more donations in much less time… which means more money and more individual contributors per event.
Be completely mobile...
Donor Port™ is completely mobile. It does not require a wireless cell phone connection or a hard line to do credit card authorizations. The cardholder information remains encrypted on the device until it is synchronized via the Internet to your payment processor.
Be compliant...
Donor Port™ provides the compliance staff with the ability to review all donations prior to flagging them for processing. It also prompts each donor after their card is swiped with the required State, Local, and Federal recordkeeping and reporting provisions at the point of sale.
Be Secure...
Because it replaces traditional paper credit card collection practices and data entry it also provides a much higher level of security. All transactions are encrypted using Blowfish encryption and transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layers).
Manage it...
Managing your transaction data is just as simple as taking the donation. The Donor Port™ Control Panel provides the finance director with complete control over every aspect of the transaction data collected. The reports can be filtered, sorted, and queried by any data field collected. The donor data can also be exported for use with 3rd party software programs as well.
Customize it...
In addition to collecting the basic information required for each donor, Donor Port™ also allows your organization to create custom questions to poll your donors at the point of sale.  Other customizable options include the compliance text each donor has to agree to prior to making a donation and the donation amounts that appear in the drop down box.


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