The Re-Districting Dilemma:

The re-districting process has caused a dilemma for many political organizations and candidates who need voter data for the newly drawn districts.  While the congressional, state senate, and state house maps have been drawn for many states, the county and state board of elections will not be able to integrate these new maps into their voter databases for quite some time.  

We can offer a solution to this time problem by converting the "old" voter databases that make up the "new" district.  Sometimes this process is easy, and sometimes it is not so easy.  This process becomes difficult when the boundaries of the newly drawn districts split existing precincts, thus producing "Partial" precincts.  Click here to see an example of a Partial Precinct .  

Re-drawing the voter data for these "Partial" precincts requires detailed database work at the street level (Selecting out voters based on Odd/Even street numbers, street number range, street direction, and street name.)  

Once the voter database for the "New" district has been constructed, we can then provide valuable information such as; voters who are in the new district now, who were not before, and the previous districts these voters belonged to prior to the re-districting process.  This information can mean the margin of victory is some races.  As an added service we then pipeline the new voter database into the Campaign Tracker system for each client so they can target voters they want for communication purposes.  

Below are some examples of re-districted maps created by Voter Solutions. 

Re-Districting and Mapping Services

Re-Districting and Re-apportionment Consulting

Using GIS Re-districting software and voter file data, we can help your organization analyze census information, create maps to visualize demographic trends, and generate numerous reports to aid in the re-districting and re-apportionment process.

Re-Districting Data Conversion

Has your district changed as a result of the new Census?  Need to apply these changes to your current voter file database?  We can update and convert your old database to incorporate your new maps and boundries.

Report Generation and Analysis

Here are just a few reports we can provide you with to aid in your re-districting efforts:

 Map Creation

 Need to get a better picture of the lay of the land.  We can create any map(s) you desire to display detailed information visually.  We can even put it on the web for you.



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