Data Services....................................... Political district matching... matching addresses with ZIP codes to Redistricted Legislative districts. Need a zip code match? Use our Legislative district matching (GeoAppend) to append Congressional Districts, State Senate, and State House / Assembly districts to your addresses. Zipcode to district match. Matching / appending re-districted election (electoral) districts to addresses and address information.

Geo-Append District Match

Voter Solutions has compiled a nationwide library of redistricted political districts for each state's local, state, and federal maps.  Using our proprietary address matching and GIS software we can match your organization's data to political jurisdictions with more precision and accuracy than any other zip code based service.  More information>>>>>>

Phone Number Matching 

If you intend to contact people via telephone you need a good phone match.  You have two options when it comes to improving your existing phone match.  You can thumb through a phone book for months, or we can match your data for you using our nation wide directory database.   If you need home phone numbers for contacting voters, or business phone numbers for fundraising purposes we can help.

Phone Number Verification

Having problems with disconnected or bad phone numbers?  We can run a verification on your existing phone match to purge it of bad numbers, and can also append a new phone number if available.

Voter Data 

Data prices can vary from $12-$50 per 1000 records depending on availability, vendor, information requested, and region of the country. * Call for quote

Voter Data Match

We can match your membership data with our voter files and append voter history, party affiliation, gender, age, registration date, political jurisdictions, count of voters in your members household, etc. 

Redistricting Data Conversion 

Has your district changed as a result of the new Census?  Need to apply these new changes to your current voter file database?  We can update and convert your old database to incorporate re-districting. 

Address Verification 

Concerned about the accuracy of your mailing information?  We can run your list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) to clean it up. 

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