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Welcome to the paperless campaign!

Voter Solutions is the first political software firm to truly integrate VCM software (Voter Contact Management) with the power and versatility of Palm OS PDAs.  This union of technologies makes it possible for political organizations nationwide to run the first paperless campaign ever! Tracker Lite™ is a software upgrade for our popular Campaign Tracker™ product line.  Using Campaign Tracker you can synchronize targeted list of voters/ members to Tracker Lite on any Palm OS PDA and collect information digitally.  This means NO MORE DATA INPUT! 

Reasons to upgrade to Tracker Lite™...

Handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) should be standard issue for all political organizers.  We at Voter Solutions pride ourselves for our ability to think outside of the box.  With the introduction of Tracker Lite we hope to bring political intelligence and information management to a new level. 

Successful campaigns and political organizations understand the importance of information management.  In the past, information was slow to be integrated because of physical and paper limitations.  Now those limitations no longer exist.  How many hours do you think your organization can save if you no longer have to manually enter mission critical information?  500, 1000, 2000 hours?  The only true way to eliminate work is by keeping your information digital from start to finish.    

Demo now available for download!

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