Political district matching... matching addresses with ZIP codes to Redistricted Legislative districts. Need a zip code match? Use our Legislative district matching (GeoAppend) to append Congressional Districts, State Senate, and State House / Assembly districts to your addresses. Zipcode to district match. Matching / appending re-districted election (electoral) districts to addresses and address information.


District Match

Geo-Append™ District Match is Voter Solutions Trademark Geo-coding and District Matching Service.  Using our Nationwide Redistricting Library we can match your organization's data to political jurisdictions with more precision and accuracy than any other zip code based matching service.  
 Enhance Your Data With...
  • Latitude and longitude

  • 2000 Census information

  • State House Districts 

  • Senate Districts 

  • Congressional Districts 

  • Precincts (Voting Districts)

  • Townships (County Subdivisions)

  • School Districts

  • County FIPS codes

  • Commissioner Districts 

  • Address standardization

  • Media Markets

  • Race

  • Income


    Map Book


    Add a Map Book and Get............

  • Your original data with appended political jurisdictions and geographic information.
  • A booklet containing printed maps and charts for all geographies with detailed data counts.
  • Electronic copies of all maps and charts for your own report creation and presentations. 
  • A Geo-Append Address Standardization file.  
  • Spreadsheets and data files containing count information for your own data analysis.
    Geo-Append™ Map Book is a service we provide in addition to district matching which allows you to visualize maps of your data with different districts and geographies.  Geo-Append™ Map Book is ideal for creating membership reports, illustrating political influence, and organizing at the grassroots level.  Click here to see an Example Map Book

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